Tool Management Solutions

From one central database, ZOLLER tool management solutions make sure the right tool is in the right place at the right time, contributing to faster set-ups, reduced down time and increased productivity.

Achieve total integration for minimal effort.

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z.One > ONE data base for EVERYTHING 

From design to the finished part: all stations of the manufacturing process are linked via the central data base with all data: CAD/CAM department, warehouse, purchasing, machines and, of course, the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine. Multiple data storage and capture is a thing of the past.

Many pride themselves with tool management. But who can offer you perfect integration into your overall process? Data consistency from the CAM system through to the machine? With real tool data or downloaded from the cloud, ready for programming? Who can adopt your existing data and your data structure? And then offer you fast worldwide support on top? ZOLLER can.

Adopt existing data, download new data 
ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions can be integrated perfectly into the closed process chain. Existing data structures can be adopted, recorded data can be reused, missing data can be downloaded from the cloud.

Flexible access 
Manage your data from the comfort of your office or directly at the tool presetter and measuring machine: the user interface remains the same and the ZOLLER App or the browser-based interface gives you access from any location.

Integrate third party systems 
Link existing or new CAM systems without difficulties. Over 20 interfaces are already available today.

Expand step by step 
The modular design lets you expand the scope of functions according to your requirements. And as ZOLLER implements new developments as standard solutions, this saves you from having update problems with special solutions. Long-term.

Tool management that grows with you

The three software packages, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD, offer you everything you need for your manufacturing process. Modular design, freely expandable – and easy to implement. Software you can build on. 

ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions grow with your needs – step by step. Start with the BRONZE Package and make your tool management considerably more cost-effective

Put an end to tool searches

The search for complete tools, tool components or accessories can be very time-consuming – time you can save when you work with the ZOLLER Smart Cabinets. 

No depositing of tools in incorrect places, no machine downtimes due to missing tools, no waste time – reliable orderliness and lowered costs | | 01283 499566 

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