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Calculate your ROI


Ever wondered how you can optimise your production?



The ZOLLER ROI calculator combines all of the factors that contribute towards your production uptime and applies them to a ZOLLER tool presetter measuring machine accompanied by Pilot 3.0 tool management software to determine how our tool presetters and built-in software will benefit your machining processes.

It does this through asking for the number of CNC machines that are in use as part of your manufacturing processes, the time needed for tool changes in minutes, the number of tool changes per shift for each CNC machine, how much this costs hourly, how many shifts are in production per year, followed by hours per shift and how much you are willing to invest for increased production using a ZOLLER presetter.

This then generates a calculation of profitability per year as well as the length of their investment payback, and it is much shorter than you might think.

Here at ZOLLER UK, we have a proven record of delivering micron precision tool presetters that we guarantee will increase your production by reducing machine downtime. Our machines not only maximise your profitability but also reduce machining waste due to increased precision in your tooling process, so that only the necessary amount of scrap metal, shaving and turnings are produced as a result.

How long does it take you to set your tooling? How many times do you do this? How much production time and subsequent money is lost through this downtime? We can help.

ZOLLER presetters are preinstalled with tool management software (TMS) to ensure your measurement processes and data collection are optimal. Through data storage of all tooling information such as characteristics, assembly specifications, storage locations, regrind schedules, stock levels and tool life data, these operations allow you to boost your machining processes by up to 15%. In presetting your tools offline you avoid impact on production as well as eliminate unnecessary expenditure by identifying what tools you have and where they are through built in ZOLLER TMS.

Request a no-obligation, free demonstration and we will come out to your site to prove our tool presetting capabilities whilst demonstrating how your business will benefit from our advanced machines, it only takes an hour, what have you got to lose apart from swarf?

Use our Return on Profit Calculator to find out now by visiting: https://www.zoller-uk.com