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Something to Make You Smile – Half-Price Professional Tool Presetting

Increased productivity, reduced scrap, improved accuracy, longer tool life

Just some of the many benefits of offline tool presetting for machining production companies.

But we know what you’re thinking. You like the sound of it, but it’s going to be expensive, right?

Well actually, no – as long as you move quickly…

At ZOLLER UK, we make it our business to help unleash manufacturing potential by supplying the most intuitive range of tool presetting and inspection technology on the market.

Setting tools with micron accuracy offline allows rapid changeovers and increases spindle-on time. There’s no need for machines to stop working or churning out high-quality parts first time, every time.

The result? Your business will start saving time and money from day one, offering a return on investment in a very short period of time.

Our latest special offer really is a one-off. We have our last remaining ex-demo Smile 400, in as-new condition, available for sale for just £22,000. That’s more than 50 per cent off the original price.

What’s more, it comes with a £15,000 free software upgrade and a 12-month warranty, with delivery, installation and training offered as standard.

You won’t want to miss the chance to snap up this best-in-class but affordable machine, which is equipped with all standard measuring functions for the professional offline presetting and measuring of metal cutting tools.

We guarantee it will take your manufacturing to another level.

Its features include:

  • CNC axis XZ & spindle
  • Z = 420mm | D = 420mm
  • 100mm snap gauge
  • SK50 precision spindle c/w auto focus
  • Machine table
  • Pilot3 Win10 operating system c/w 24-inch screen
  • Data output

ZOLLER UK Sales Manager Leigh Tricklebank said: “The smile 400 is an exceptional piece of technology and at £22,000, with a full complement of demonstration software, it’s an absolute steal.

“Its highly specified and best-in-class Pilot3 operating system comes complete with Windows 10, a 24-inch screen and industry leading software including LASSO, Radius Contour, 3D Scan and much more.

“The fully CNC-driven axis (XZC) provides user friendly and intuitive operation, resulting in dynamic tool inspection routines to optimise manufacturing performance.

“Highly accurate spindle and tool adapters offer total connectivity to all tool types and, with control-specific data output direct to the machine tools, operator intervention and potential human error is eradicated.”