Automotive Subcontractors


When it comes to the automotive subcontractor industry, precision manufacturing and flexibility is imperative. Tight tolerances do not allow room for inaccuracies and so many automotive subcontractors turn to ZOLLER UK solutions knowing that component quality and performance is at the heart of everything we do.

Facing huge challenges in the global market, automotive subcontractors are experiencing increased demand for faster responses and innovations in order to stay competing. Automotive manufacturers require shorter development and delivery times, a greater variety of models, sophisticated design and higher standards of quality along with cost reductions.

ZOLLER UK machines offer the flexibility that these subcontractors need in dealing with various tolerances from differing contracts. Our products offer fast and precise tool presetting and measurement for a wide variety of different tool shapes and sizes, allowing manufacturers to ensure their customers that they are receiving components with the highest standards of quality.

ZOLLER’s advanced tool presetter and measurement machines alongside our unique tool management solutions contribute towards reducing the pressures of prominent automotive industry demands. Our systems are designed to increase tooling precision offline, this way your machining processes remain uninterrupted and therefore your production uptime is extended.

Popular ZOLLER products for automotive subcontractors include: