Tool and mould making


Close tolerance tool and mould production makes precision imperative. Supplying specialist moulds and models to customers across a range of sectors such as: automotive, consumer goods, computer, telecom, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical and product markets- many require the strictest tolerances in the world for critical components.

In order to produce precision tool and moulds, your factory requires the highest quality and precision machinery. You can achieve perfect prototypes without producing waste by implementing cost-reducing and precise tool measurement solutions from ZOLLER.

ZOLLER presetter and measuring machines offer the tool presetting precision needed to remain in the global field of competitors. Presetting your tools allows you to complete your machining processes precisely, repetitively, without unnecessary downtime, and at the first attempt. In one machine ZOLLER offers solutions for simulation in order to prevent collision as well as for measuring and inspecting complex metal cutting tools and electrodes.

 The following ZOLLER products may be of interest to you: