ZOLLER UK Open House Impresses Visitors With Presetting Technology

‘Massive improvement to the way we operate’

Open house visitors have been speaking of the positive impact that ZOLLER UK has had on their businesses – and are urging others to consider the many benefits of investing in its technology.

Around 80 representatives from across 40 companies headed to ZOLLER UK’s Advanced Innovation Centre in Derbyshire over two days to discover solutions proven to lead to cost and efficiency savings.

Specialising in micron-precision tool presetting and inspection, helping to ensure tools are of the right quality to create accurate and top-grade parts prior to machining, ZOLLER UK also provides total tool management solutions to businesses of all sizes in sectors including automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and medical.

During the open house its experts provided live demonstrations on its »pomBasic«, »genius 3«, »venturion 450«, »pomSkpGo« and »smileCompact« machines, while visitors were given access to products from partners Openmind, Kyocera Unimerco and CG Tech, covering computer-aided design and manufacturing solutions as well as cutting tool servicing, maintenance and verification.

zoller smart cabinets

»Smart Cabinets« – a range of manual or automated cabinets with advanced inventory software and the latest addition to the ZOLLER product portfolio – were on display for the first time in the UK and proved a major draw.

Clive Bartram, a tooling engineer for Magellan Aerospace, has been using a »venturion 450« for around a month and said: “One reason for investing in a ZOLLER UK machine was to allow us get rid of paper-based systems so that we could post directly to our machines through CNC systems, and the second was to build a tool management system.

“We could see straight away a reduction in scrap components. The user cannot post a tool to the machine unless it’s right, as ZOLLER products will tell you straight away if there’s an error. They provide a tool-checking guarantee.

“I’d strongly recommend ZOLLER UK. The »venturion 450« makes production as quick and easy as possible for us.”

Addison Engineering manufactures parts such as bearings for the aerospace sector and has been using a »venturion« for six months.

Tooling engineer Jamie Pearson said: “What we found was that we weren’t adequately checking anything going into our machines. We wanted to speed things up and move towards offline measuring – the lads can get a bank of tools straight into a machine and speed up the production process.

“It’s definitely speeded up tool setting and improved tool life. We’re also getting a lot better surface finish on parts as the tools are running better. It’s massively improved the way we operate.

“We looked at other providers but a ZOLLER UK engineer brought the »venturion« in to show us and we were highly impressed, so we decided to buy that very model.

“It’s a better quality machine than any other we had looked at previously and it’s more versatile too.”

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