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roboSet / genius

The solution for efficient quality control at high tool throughput.

Eliminate human error and maximise production throughput with roboSet, the fully automated loading station that allows your genius universal measuring machine to operate around the clock.

1. Robot base
2. Hardware
3. CNC robot loading arm
4. Collet storage
5. Pass/fail pallet
6. Optical carrier
7. Precision chuck
8. High-precision spindle
9. Robot loading slide door
10. Pilot Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
11. Label printer
12. A4 laser printer


Your production throughput is maximised with roboSet, the fully automated loading station that allows a ZOLLER genius machine to operate with total accuracy around the clock.

Predefined programme selection within pilot 3.0 software caters for the recording of more than 50 measurement parameters with micron precision and without operator intervention.

Once the checking procedure is complete, faulty tools are automatically separated from the correct ones.

It’s the perfect solution for efficient quality control at high tool volumes.

roboSet loading station (standard values)
Range920 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0.03 mm
Maximum load 7 kg
Working surface 950 x 350 mm
Number of pallets 3
Depth approx. 1 m
Width approx. 1.5 m
genius universal measuring machine
Measuring range Z 600 mm
Measuring range X 175 mm
Measuring range Y 100 mm
Diameter 340 mm
Snap gauge diameter 100 mm

roboSet / genius Options

ace high-precision spindle
Adapter SK50/expansion chuck
Camera/lighting micro
Collet chuck holder/turret
Control unit cockpit
Data transmission
Holding fixture D32 mm
Label printer
List printer
Measuring table reversing plates
Membrane keyboard
Pallet fixture
Protective devices
Reduction sleeve tray
roboMark laser marking unit
Set of reduction sleeves
Storage shelf
Tool post size I/expansion chuck (not for manual mode)
Wooden storage shelf
ZOLLER interfaces - caz for tool manufacturers
ZOLLER interfaces - form tools/development
ZOLLER interfaces - making new tools
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