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The measuring and testing device for precision saw blades.

  • Economical
    Simple, fast and reliable complete control of precision saw blades for manufacturers and grinding companies
  • Exact precision
    Camera swivelling device with incident light image processing for axial and radial testing of saw blades
  • Operator independent
    Graphical software user interface with self-explanatory function keys for easy creation and editing of measurement sequences

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1. Z-axis tower
2. Optical carrier
3. Centre inspection camera
4. Tactile probe
5. Precision spindle
6. Safety guard
7. Adapter tray
8. Pilot Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
9. Label printer
10. A4 laser printer


High-precision measurement and inspection of saw blades is achieved automatically with the ZOLLER SawCheck.

Contactless checks of parameters such as tooth shape, pitch, concentricity, cutting angle, draft angle, tooth thickness, offset and wear can be performed quickly.

With in-built sensors employed to determine run-out of the saw body prior to regrinding, users can benefit from significant productivity increases.

Travel range Z-axis 450 mm
Travel range X-axis 200 mm
Measurable diameter under transmitted light 300-800 mm
Measurable diameter under incident light +90°= 300-800 mm; 0° and -90°= 200-800 mm
Maximum tool width in Z-direction 30 mm
Maximum tool weight 50 kg
Measuring sensor Run-out measurement

SawCheck Options

Barcode scanner
Bushings D15.875-D100 mm
Data transmission
Flange sets D50-D200 mm
High precision spindle sawCheck with autofocus, hollow shaft encoder and brake
Label printer
List printer
Reflector sawCheck
Tray for universal bushings and flange sets
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