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The universal presetter and measuring machine for use with turning machines.

  • Versatile
    Wide range of tool holding fixtures mounted on a turret table allowing for quick and easy access.
  • Simple
    Comfortable controls and user-friendly software
  • Stable
    Special alloy and stable construction
  • Robust
    Able to withstand shop floor conditions

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1. Optical carrier
2. Centre-height camera
3. Tool-specific adapter
4. Machine base
5. Pilot Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
6. Label printer
7. A4 laser printer


A universal presetter and measuring device for use with turning machines, the Hyperion guarantees maximum efficiency and flexibility in CNC manufacturing.

Thanks to a specially mounted turret table, it caters for almost all tool holding requirements – for lathes, milling or machining centres – and it does it quickly, accurately and reliably.

With 100 per cent prepared and inspected tools, you will reap the sort of immediate benefits that come as standard with ZOLLER – improved efficiency, better parts, higher productivity and greater profits.

Sector Suitability

»hyperion 300« 350300300
»hyperion 500/400« 500400480
»hyperion 500/500« 500500480
»hyperion 700« 700500480

Hyperion Options

Tool post HSK
Tool post ISO
Tool post steep taper/front clamping
Tool post straight shank VDI
Turret table loading options
VDI straight shank adapter
Tool holding fixture GA-PP
Tool holding fixture GA
Tool holding fixture HGH-U
Tool holding fixture HGH-UZ
Tool identification
Tool post HSK/front clamping
Label printer
List printer
Membrane keyboard
Optical adjustment
Optimum access to the high-precision spindle
Software inScreen options
Special holding fixture if required
Adapter VDI
Automatic zero point selection
Centre height measuring device inScreen options
Centre height measuring device
Clamping elements
Cutting edge inspection
Data transmission
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