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The modular shrinking station.

  • Quick
    Turntable for easy and quick change
  • Flexible
    Modular design for customisation as needed
  • Safe
    Optimum protection through simple, clear and safe operation; Smoke evacuation
  • Process reliability
    Reliable transmission of the shrinking parameters from the adjuster to PowerShrink
  • Universal
    Universal applicability for all HSS and carbide tools from 3 to 32 mm in diameter; Also suitable for extremely long tools


1. Adapter tray
2. High-frequency induction system
3. Z-axis tower
4. Extension piece
5. Adapter
6. Adapter plate
7. Membrane keypad
8. Cooling jackets
9. Machine base
10. Drawer
11. Cooling system


Speed, safety, flexibility. Made specifically for high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide tools, ZOLLER’s PowerShrink performs shrinking jobs in record time to allow users to considerably reduce production set-up times.

It takes less than 10 seconds to shrink-clamp a tool, while unclamping and cooling is done within 40 seconds. You’ll be ready for production in under a minute.

Manufacturers who use powerShrink benefit from a highly accurate concentricity, long tool life and reduced tooling costs.

Sector Suitability

powerShrink Mini 3kVA nD3-16
powerShrink Economic 13kVA D3-32
powerShrink Economic Plus13kVA D3-32 inclusive
powerShrink Economic 13kVA/VS, adjustable inductor D3-32
powerShrink Economic Plus 13kVA/VS, adjustable inductor D3-32
powerShrink Comfort 13kVA D3-32 inclusiveinclusive
n powerShrink Comfort13kVA/VS, adjustable inductor D3-32 inclusiveinclusive
powerShrink Profi Plus20kVA/VS, adjustable inductor D3-32 und D40-50 over D40-50

PowerShrink Options

Centering collets
Gas suction device
High-performance cooling unit
Induction coil
Integrated workbench
Shrinking unit
toolSet system
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