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The combined adjustment, shrinking and measuring solution.

  • Multitasking
    The redomatic combines presetting, measuring and heat-shrinking functionality with 4-axis CNC control unit and autofocus.
  • Fast and accurate
    Heat-shrink tools quick, easy and precise to nominal length of at least +/- 10 µ accuracy.
  • Safe
    Shrinkage control system “sls” and patented smoke evacuation
  • Automated
    Combine with roboSet for 24/7 fully automatic shrinking in and out of tools

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1. Z-axis tower
2. Optical camera
3. Precision spindle
4. Membrane keypad
5. Machine base
6. High-frequency induction system
7. 17in screen
8. Size-specific cooling sleeves
9. Heat-shrink hardware/peripherals
10. Label printer
11. Pilot Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
12. A4 laser printer


This impressive machine combines tool presetting, measuring and heat-shrinking functionality with a four-axis CNC control unit and autofocus, among other intuitive features.

Due to asza – its unique automatic length adjustment feature – it has been designed to shrink tools quickly and easily, with micron accuracy.

The heat-shrinking and cooling process takes just 35 seconds, offering manufacturers both remarkable time savings and preserved clamping chuck life due to minimal energy usage.

Sector Suitability

Measuring range Z 600mm 800mm
Measuring range X 175mm175mm
Swivel-mounted diameter 440mm630mm
Snap gauge 200mm200mm

Redomatic Options

Swivel device 10/20KVA
Adjustable coil
Barcode scanner
Carrier system
Control unit cockpit
Data transmission
Gas suction device
Heat-shrink guidance system sls
High precision spindle ace
Hollow shank taper adapter
Induction coil 13 kVA
IPC control
Label printer
Length adjustment device asza/mms
Length adjustment device asza
List printer
Membrane keyboard
Optimum access to the high-precision spindle
Steep taper adapter
Tool identification
VDI adapter
ZOLLER »masterPiece«: in 60 seconds precise to 10 micron
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