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The modular setting and measuring device for tools of all kinds.

  • Networked Manufacturing
    Networkable with existing production elements
  • User-friendly
    Intuitive software interface and convenient controls
  • Fast and precise
    Powerful optics and pilot image processing
  • Robust
    Ideal for the workshop

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1. Z-axis tower
2. Optical camera
3. Precision spindle
4. Machine base
5. Membrane keypad
6. Pilot Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
7. Label printer
8. A4 laser printer


A modular but robust design makes the Venturion ideal for every CNC production environment, its enhanced structural integrity complemented by maximum flexibility and precision.

The unique functionality of this high-end offline tool presetter offers enhanced performance, leading to both increased productivity and significant time and cost savings.

Integral to the machine is the ACE (Auto Clamping Element) spindle, which receives all tool workholding systems and provides accuracy of up to 2 microns.

Whatever your requirements, the Venturion can be configured to meet the needs of specific production processes.

Sector Suitability

Venturion 450 450mm200/ 300*mm 400 / 600*mm100mm
Venturion 450/6 600mmn200/ 300*mm 400 / 600*mm100mm
Venturion 450/8 800mm200/ 300*mm 400 / 600*mmn100mm
Venturion 600 600mm220mm 440mm/ 540mm*/ 720mm*200mm
Venturion 600/8 800mm220mm n440mm200mm
Venturion 600/10 1000mm220mm 440mmn200mm
Venturion 800 800mm500mm 1000mm/ 1200mm200mm
Venturion 800/6 600mm500mm 1000mm200mm
Venturion 800/10 1000mmn500mm1000mm200mm
Venturion 800/121200mm500mm 1000mm200mm

Venturion Options

Tool post hollow shank taper
Tool post steep taper
Tool post straight shank VDI
VDI adapter
Hollow shank taper adapter
Pull-out controllers
Steep taper adapter
Tool identification
Tool length adjustment
Data transmission
High precision spindle ace
ISO 50 high-precision spindle
List printer
Membrane keyboard
Optimum access to the high-precision spindle
Barcode scanner
Centre height measuring device
Control unit »cockpit«
Cutting edge inspection
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