Our experienced application engineers are available to provide training for your operatives, combining a range of skilled knowledge, experience and practical applications approaches.  Training provision can be tailored to suit customer specific requirements on site or at ZOLLER’S Advanced Innovation Centre (AIC) in Derbyshire.

The following certified training packages are available:

Basic Training

  • System overview and user interface
  • Basic measurements and program creation
  • Basic options management
  • Basic tool verification program creation
  • Understand pre-setter methodology
  • Editing existing programs

 Advanced Training

  • Refresh basic understanding
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Advanced setting options
  • User setup and management
  • Graphic, data and document management
  • Statistical analysis and report creation
  • Data Output options and setup
  • Application specific questions and answer

 Package Training Day for Individual (combination group)

  • Set-basic training detailed above
  • Courses run throughout every month
  • Up to three people per course
  • Discounted rates apply to this course

Bespoke Refresh Training Programme

  • Tailor made course to suit requirement
  • Training utilising the trainee’s tools or components
  • Update your employees with the latest training to increase lean efficiency
  • On or off site training available

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