»Pilot 2 mT«

»pilot 2 mT« is the latest image processing software to be introduced with ZOLLER’s integral myTouch touchscreen technology. Continuing the course of innovations in operating technologies, »pilot 2 mT« proves to be more intuitive than previous image processing software packages.

Touchscreen functionality allows windows to be shifted quickly and easily around the screen at the swipe of a finger. Settings can be personalised to suit your requirements and user-specific, individually definable surface orientation and display dialogs allow for ease of use per differing measurement tasks.


Features include:

  • Touch and Slide
  • Intuitive to operate Touch-Screen operating technology
  • Fast and simple operation with no major training requirements
  • Individual measuring procedures and user-specific menu navigation
  • Precise presetting, measuring, inspection and management of all kinds of cutting tools
  • Data communication via machine links and interfaces to external systems

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