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Gold Package – Tool Management Perfection

tool management

ZOLLER’s gold tool management software maximises the efficiency of your tool management operations, with total transparency and complete process control.

By optimising your ordering system and combining it with warehouse management, stock levels are reliably analysed to generate automatic purchasing based on your usage, meaning you will only be buying what you really need.

With the gold package, users can evaluate and control costs with statistics on individual tools and orders. So, as well as being able to locate tools easily at any time, you’ll always be in a position to make informed decisions to suit the needs of your workshop.

Such an intuitive solution not only helps to avoid unnecessary stockroom costs, but reduces down time associated with missing items.

That means a streamlined production process and a positive impact on profitability.


  • Complete organisation of all production data
  • Supports the utilisation schedules of your production units
  • Systematic management of production orders and tooling sheets
  • Integrated tool life management
  • Optional integration into order system, including supplier management
  • Statistics module for tool protocols
Parts management
Ordering system
Tool exchange list »cetus«
Statistics module
Catalogue import GTDE/CIM
Tool life management
Re-sharpening cycle

Tool life available wherever, whenever

With the TMS Tool Management Solutions GOLD App, you have both your tool and stock location management, as well as tool life management and your ordering system with you everywhere and at any time via the W-LAN network, and can use these together with your colleagues. The ordering system gives you all the necessary information, such as standard order numbers, supplier’s name and prices in addition. The tool life management allows you to enter and evaluate your tool life.


  • Mobile access to all tool data
  • Tool data management with graphics, parts, accessory and article characteristic lists
  • Stock location management with graphic display of the warehouse and warehouse bookings
  • Tool life management for entry and evaluation of tool lives
  • Code scanner for the identification and display of data of real tools

Parts management

With the parts management software module, you are given an optimal overview of your assemblies and products. You can manage individual parts and assemblies systematically and document them with required tools including set-up sheets. In addition, the module offers further information on manufacturing times and current stocks of the tools required.

Your benefits:

  • Centralised data base for all parts data
  • Transparency of the manufacturing steps and the tools required
  • Easy data management
Parts-management (1)

Ordering system

Benefit from a practice-oriented and reliable ordering system with this software module. Only order those items which are really needed for production. By optimizing the purchasing processes you avoid unnecessary stockroom costs and downtimes through missing items. This reduces your tool and ordering costs. By combining the ordering system with warehouse management it is possible to analyse any shortfalls of minimum stock levels and to generate fully automated purchasing recommendations. This results in a reduction of organization costs and production costs.

Your benefits:

  • Process-safe execution of orders based on minimum stock levels or purchasing requirements
  • Automatic generation of purchasing requirements
  • Time and cost savings through optimized organization and transparency

Tool exchange list »cetus«

The software package »cetus« reproduces the entire manufacturing workflow on the basis of setting sheets – the result being the process-safe and economical provision of tools for your production. »cetus« takes on assignment planning via the setting sheets and the calculation of the net tool requirements for each individual machine on the basis of the booked setting sheets.
The order list of the TMS Tool Management Solutions warehouse module and the tool assembly keep you up-to-date on the tool requirements, which is displayed for each machine. After retrieval and assembly the tool information is passed directly to the presetting and measuring machine, the tools are measured and the actual data passed to the machine control system. This gives you real-time information on which tools are required in addition to the tools already in the machine from the setting sheet. The consequence: you can operate machines with a smaller tool magazine, reduce tool requirements and lower costs.

Your benefits:

  • Cost savings through multiple use of tools
  • Reduced set-up times
  • Space saving in tool magazine

Statistics module

You can employ this software module for the graphic evaluation and management of measurements and data sets in a number of ways: for quality control, analysis purposes, documentation, proof and/or measurement control/management.

The entire measurement statistics of a tool are given in a clearly structured and informative tree display. The measurements for a tool can be displayed descriptively over a freely selectable time period. The utilization record of individual tools is stored automatically in the system. This lets you verify the fields of application of the tools at any time. A hit-flop list enables analysis of stock records and goods received with regard to costs and use and so allows precise analysis and optimization of the tool pool.

Your benefits:

  • Fast overview of measured values and measurement sequences
  • Verification of tool use

Catalogue import GTDE/CIM/Kennametal

Imports tool data of many well-known manufacturers (i.e. CIMSOURCE and GTDE) and can thus provide 2D/3D graphics, article characteristics and technological data fast. The tool data can be updated at any time and made available immediately by exporting. Third party applications can access the joint data base via the web service and, for example, import newly created setting sheets.

Your benefits:

  • Import of tool data direct from GTDE/CIM/Kennametal to the ZOLLER data base
  • Time savings in data entry

Tool life management

With this software module for tool life management with integrated statistics function, you can monitor your tools optimally and record the reasons for changing tools. A process-specific configuration for optimized use of machine runtimes is also possible. Tool life and the reasons for change for the individual tool steps are represented graphically and documented in a clear manner. Due to the orderly statistics function you always have a fast overview.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal utilisation of machine runtimes
  • Prevents expensive rejects
  • Full downtime and cost control
  • Optimal utilization of tools

Re-sharpening cycle

This software function extends the warehouse function of the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions by monitoring and controlling the re-sharpening process of your tools. Benefit from the transparent management of re-sharpening processes: delivery notes and orders can be printed out, interaction between the purchasing system and the warehouse guarantees a seamless process throughout.

Your benefits:

  • Transparency across the entire tool re-sharpening cycle
  • Recording of re-grinding costs
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