Why Preset and Measure Tools?

Better Productivity

Longer Tool Life

Better Quality

Maximise your production throughput with the reduction of machine downtime, ensuring you manufacture products at a faster rate without compromise of optimal product quality. 

With the increase in machining precision you can also anticipate longer tool lifespans, which in effect will improve your production efficiency by reducing unnecessary costs spent on replacement tools 

Increased tooling precision ensures optimal part performance, which will in turn generate increased customer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of the highest quality products on the market. 

Setting and measuring devices from ZOLLER solve many challenges simultaneously. They minimize set-up times, avoid tool scrap and prevent machine crashes.

They are extremely simple, safe and convenient to use: thanks to the intuitive user interface with automatic tool edge detection; thanks to the one-hand control handle for easy carriage adjustment, and through the membrane keypad for power-operated spindle clamping and spindle lock.

The modular setting and measuring device for tools of all kinds.

A modular but robust design makes the Venturion ideal for every CNC production environment, its enhanced structural integrity complemented by maximum flexibility and precision.

The unique functionality of this high-end offline tool presetter offers enhanced performance, leading to both increased productivity and significant time and cost savings.

Take me to the Venturion Machine

The mini-must-have for professional tool setting and measuring.

Made using high-quality components, this tabletop machine impresses not only with its simplicity of operation but in the fact that it offers everything required to preset and measure standard tools offline with speed and accuracy. 

Take me to the Smilecompact Machine

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