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Looking to improve your production processes in order to gain maximum efficiency?

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Zoller have a proven track record and can increase your production throughput, in many cases without the need to invest in new machine tools.

Many of our customers traditionally set their tooling on their machining centres and hadn't considered how much this was costing them in lost production

Take a moment to consider:

Time Savings

How many times do you set your tooling?

Tool Assemblies

How many different tool assemblies are you using?

Reduced Cost

What is this costing you per week, month, year?

Zoller systems preset your tool assemblies' offline and therefore do not impact on production

Calculate savings:

Just enter the matching values for your company to see how much you can increase your productivity with the use of a ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine with »pilot 3.0« tool management software.

CNC machines (# in use)

Time needed per tool change (min.)

Number of tool changes per shift (per machine)

Hourly rate of machine (£)

Shifts per year

Hours per shift

Investment for a ZOLLER tool presetter (£)

Database and organise your tooling assets

Zoller presetters are preinstalled with tool management software

Zoller TMS allows you to store all of your tooling information including tool characteristics, tool assembly specifications, storage locations, regrind schedules, stock levels and tool life data.


Streamline the planning process by having your tool assemblies specified and built to meet your production schedules.

Save Money

You'll save money by identifying what tools you have, where they are and avoiding unnecessary investments.

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Presetting your tooling assemblies has a dramatic effect on your production capabilities

Setting tools on your machining centres uses valuable production time. This can add up to a significant loss of productivity

Time Savings

Setting time per tool 2 minutes

Time Lost

8 hour shift setting 20 tools

Productivity Lost

40 minutes productivity lost

Lost productivity per machine:

3.5 hours
a week
per machine

14 hours
per month

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