Give our expert engineering team the chance to introduce you to a smarter and more efficient tool presetting method that blows conventional setting of tools out of the water.

At ZOLLER UK we know you struggle with intermittent downtime due to time needed in precisely setting tools for CNC machining. Our unwavering aim is to eradicate these issues by introducing offline tool presetting that optimises your productivity and maximises tooling precision with world-leading technology and expertise.

Our tour bus allows for us to bring our advanced tool presetting and inspection equipment right to your doorstep and demonstrate exactly how it would fit into your manufacturing routine, with no-obligations on your part. Alternatively, you can come to us, either way we will perform precision offline setting of your tools and show you exactly why our technology is leading the way forward for manufacturers across the world.


Can’t Come to Us? 
Let Us Bring Our Technology to You

Free - No commitment

20 minute presentation

40 ft²  space needed

Efficient tool preparation

Unique tool identification 

Secure data transmission to the machine 

Multiple connection options 

Data consistency for process reliability

Paperless production 

Documentation of the entire production process

Faraday House, Woodyard Lane

Foston, Derbyshire 

DE65 5BU

01283 499566 |

ZOLLER On Tour brings all parties together in one place. On site, we can clarify all of your requirements, based on your unique production process - so that we can offer you customised solutions. This offer is completely free of charge to you. All we need for our presentation is 20 minutes of your time, and a 40 ft² area with a power connection. 

ZOLLER UK on tour will show you:

Take the Next Step: 
Optimise Your Production With ZOLLER! 

Just give us a call, and we’ll bring our ZOLLER solutions to 

you – Anywhere in the UK. We will present smart 

solutions for your production process and support you in 

identifying potential optimisations on site.